Programm Juni 2016

Mo 27.06.2016
Hafenklang | Konzert

Dirty Fences (Slovenly Recordings, NYC) + The Shrine (Stoner Rock, US)

Dirty Fences from New York City sling ‘70s street-level punk rock & roll. Tommy Ramone beat. Harmonies. Tons of vocals. From fast slasher power pop tunes to country ballads to Eddie Cochran style parents­just­dont­understand sex rock and roll, they know their stuff and have a lot of fun with it.

"The things that attracted me to skateboarding, punk, and metal in the 80’s were their complete rejection of mainstream conformity and their embrace of aggression, rebellion, and do-it-yourself creativity. It might sound strange, but I lived for situations where fun and being ripped to shreds danced on the razor’s edge.  As subcultures became accepted and co-opted over the years, I craved music and a scene with the raw intensity of Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead, the Circle Jerks, etc.. When I discovered The Shrine I realized that the kind of feral, sleazy, high-octane, fun as hell band and scene that I was looking for was out there, not in their 50’s, but in their 20’s. The warehouse record release party for The Shrine’s "Rare Breed” was the most awesome steaming pile of sweaty, surly, rock god’s and goddesses in denim and leather I’ve been to in years! There were more kick-ass rock and skate t-shirts in that room than I’d seen in the last five years in Echo Park and Silver Lake combined. I’ve seen a lot of great shows in my life, but to have that particular crowd pogoing and stage diving to The Shrine with Nik Turner from Hawkwind on stage improvising psychedelic punk saxophone was pretty surreal. Someone dove on my head and sprained my neck at one point but I was so hopped up on adrenaline that I din’t feel it much until the next day. So yeah, I guess I could say the Shrine shred and I think they’re OK.”

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Goldener Salon | DJ-Abend

Punkerstammtisch - Tischtennis-Rundlauf

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Di 28.06.2016
Hafenklang | Konzert

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Sven Hammond

Mi 29.06.2016
Hafenklang | Konzert

Norma Jean
European Tour Summer 2016
Support: Kolari

Norma Jean aus Atlanta, Georgia sind mit ihren bereits sechs veröffentlichten Alben eine feste Größe im Metalcore Genre. Bevor die Band am 9. September 2016 ihr siebtes Album via Solid State Records veröffentlicht spielen Norma Jean im Rahmen ihrer European Summer Tour 2016 im Sommer auch Shows in Deutschland. Neben dem bereits angekündigten Auftritt beim With Full Force Festival haben Norma Jean zwei Headline Club Shows am 28. Juni 2016 in Köln im MTC und am 29. Juni 2016 in Hamburg im Hafenklang bestätigt.

Mit dem noch als Arbeitstitel "LP7" benannten siebten Studioalbum kehren Norma Jean zur alten Labelheimat Solid State Records zurück, die bereits die ersten vier Alben der Band veröffentlicht haben. Das 2005 veröffentlichte Werk "O God, the Aftermath" kann als Meilenstein im Metalcore bezeichnet werden. Im Herbst 2015 zelebrierte die Band das 10-jährige Jubiläum, des für das Verpackungsdesign mit einem Grammy nominierten Albums und führte "O God, the Aftermath" in 35 Städten in den USA in Gänze auf. Was das neue Werk der Band angeht ist, bis auf einen Video Teaser, der ein Bandmitglied in stimmungsvoller Atmosphäre beim Gitarre spielen am Pool zeigt, nicht viel bekannt über LP7. Das Album wurde von Josh Barber in den Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota aufgenommen und produziert und von Jeremy Griffith gemischt. Die Spannung ist hoch und mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit werden Norma Jean bei ihren Shows im Sommer neue Songs auf ihr Publikum loslassen.

Die aktuelle Bandbesetzung besteht aus Chris Day (Gitarre), Cory Brandan (Gesang), Jeff Hickey (Gitarre), Clayton "Goose" Holyoak (Schlagzeug) und John Finnegan (Bass).

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Do 30.06.2016
Hafenklang | Konzert

The Real McKenzies (Celtic Punk, Vancouver) + Bitter Grounds (Punk/Ska, Utrecht)

THE REAL McKENZIES are not just a band. They are an unstoppable touring machine. A road-hardened crew of traveling minstrels, entertainers and vagabonds on a never-ending quest for good times.

For the past 20 years, this ferocious gang of miscreants has been captivating audiences around the globe with their addictive, uncompromising and undeniably heartfelt music. Featuring a diverse and insanely talented roster of musicians, The Real McKenzies draw on both acoustic and electric instruments to blend a potent concoction of classic punk, rock n' roll, hard folk and traditional Celtic influence.

Fueled by an insatiable need to share the McKenzies’ gospel with the world, the boys are equally at home playing to 20,000 screaming football fans in the heart of Germany as they are to a few hundred punks in the dirtiest, darkest, most disreputable clubs of the Canadian wilderness. After more than two decades, 8 full-length albums, countless compilation appearances and singles, The Real McKenzies have earned a reputation that is second to none.

Their current record from 2012 "Westwinds" is packed to the brim with roaring, rollicking and epic tales that shanghai the listener on a thirteen song, sea-tossed journey through the wild and wonderful world of The Real McKenzies. Recorded over several months at Crabapple Downs by the phenomenal Steve Loree, "Westwinds" is a sonic shot of deliciousness delivered straight to your ear holes.

In 2015, they are back to enter the stages with their 9th record "Rats in the Burlap” since their formation in 1992. Additional to this new album and an extensive tour in Canada, Europe and America during summer, there will be a biography named "Under the kilt: The Real McKenzies EXPOSED” released in spring by Chris Walter.

So 2016 should be a whirlwind of touring and playing some amazing shows with what they consider to be their best live line-up ever.

...much like a fine single malt scotch, The Real McKenzies only get better with age.

After watching the energy and urgency of their old punk rock scene decay into a boring, self-involved mess, four friends finally decided they had had enough. After all, where’s the fun in a world where grit is replaced with style, street-level attitude with mainstream rock sensibilities, mohawks are swapped for beards, and allround frustration makes way for a general, wholesome sense of well-being? There’s only so many triple-roasted, freshly ground bio-organic espressos a person can take.

After having played in several punk rock bands throughout the past fifteen years (Beans, Last to Go, Frightening Ficiton, Dead Weights, and Landmine Heart) the quartet decided to rekindle their love for a dirty mix of punk, ska and reggae. But don’t expect no happy sounds…

…this band was formed on BITTER GROUNDS!

See you around to join the dance!


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